TVE Launches web documentaries on demand and multiscreen launches today the largest documentary website in Spanish in the world, with more than 5,000 digitized titles to watch online. Somos Documentales, created by RTVE’s Interactives department, has dived into the historical archive of TVE and has rescued with care the large tapes broadcast in its day by La 1 and La 2 so that they can be enjoyed this time on the Internet, tablets, mobiles and connected televisions.

In addition, it will offer live the titles of La 2 and the special series of this genre.

The website is called to become the reference place on the Internet for documentary lovers with four pillars: more than 20 weekly premieres of so many other titles; the opening of the RTVE archives (with more than 5,000 documentaries available to which new reports are added daily), an information area with specialized blogs that will count the day-to-day of documentary film shoots and the most relevant of the world festival circuit and a commitment to the creation of web-specific documentaries, known as ‘webdocs’.
Careful selection and organization by theme

Somos Documentales offers users a careful selection of titles that has the advice of experts and that translates, for example, into thematic weeks, such as the one that the website will dedicate to the Goya through documentaries about the world of cinema.

Precisely today on the occasion of the premiere, will offer for more than 12 hours streaming a tour of the best documentaries of Spanish cinema in recent years.

Navigation is organized through channels such as great Biographies, Current Affairs, Arts, History, Travel, Nature or Gastronomy, which will allow the user to discover movies based on the topics that interest them most.
Must-have titles

Somos Documentales debuts proposing a selection of essential titles for lovers of this genre: ‘Buy, throw, buy’, a phenomenon of the internet age, the documentary that named a concept that many consumers had already experienced in the first person, the programmed obsolescence; ‘Pura vida’, a love story for the mountain that tells the odyssey of the rescue of Iñaki Ochoa de Olza in the Annapurna in 2008; ‘Allende. Case closed’, work of ‘En Portada’ that caused a Chilean judge to reopen the case for salvador Allende’s death; ‘Bucarest, the Lost Memory’, the film about the historical and personal memory of Albert Solé and Jordi Solé Tura; o ‘The case 112’, classic of ‘TV Documents’ that reached the Grammys and whose vision is key to see the changes of our society, together with a bouquet of documentary portraits for all tastes: that of Enrique Meneses and journalism with his ‘Oxygen to live’, El Cordobés, Manolo Váquez Montalbán, Pilar Miró or Lola Flores.

And so up to more than 5,000 titles that also include the complete series of mythical Spanish Television programs such as ‘El Hombre y la Tierra’, ‘Spain, between heaven and earth’ or the classic ‘A vista de pájaro’ and of course, ‘Documents TV’, ‘On Cover’, ‘Chronicles’ and all the large format reports that have marked the history of audiovisual journalism in Spain.

Some of the titles that can be enjoyed include the prestigious BBC series on ‘Africa’ directed by David Attenborough and premiered at La 2 e later this week. The website also offers Bettie Page’s film, pin up icon of the 1950s, in which director Mark Mori reviews his life through a series of interviews he kept before his death in 2008., a pioneer in webdocs will also host one of’s most ambitious projects that has already made the company the biggest driver of the webdoc genre in our country.

Webdocs, documentaries created for consumption on the Internet, are the present of a genre that grows exponentially through the new audiovisual narratives that technology allows and that produces and co-produces with the support not only of criticism but also of users.
TVE, engine of the documentary industry in Spain

Spanish Television is the main driver of the documentary industry in Spain. Between co-productions and own productions, public broadcasters promote more than 50 documentaries each year.

As an example, in this edition of the Goya Awards three of the four documentaries nominated for best documentary awards are participated by TVE. Somos Documentales is a public television commitment to documentary and multi-screen display.



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