Puzzle vs Riddle

Both the words, riddle and puzzle, are frequently used in the wrong context. The words may fall into the same category. The context of both is distinctive. Puzzles and riddles challenge a person’s mental ability by putting it to the test. You guess what the phrase means or is referring to by using your brain capacity. Through this, your logical thinking and knowledge are developed and enhanced more. Therefore, it is essential to highlight the meaning and purpose of the phrases precisely. 


Puzzle refers to a challenge, a game, or even a specific toy design for you to solve. The purpose of solving a puzzle is to test and challenge your creativity and intelligence. To solve a mystery, you have to think outside of the box. This is because puzzles can be tricky and brain-challenging.

To crack it, one should have logic and rational reasoning. Solving a puzzle requires the use of your literal thinking and enhances your mental ability. The one type of puzzle you see around are multiple pieces that you should assemble accurately to solve. Other types are brain teasers, logic puzzles, crossword puzzles, and number and search puzzles.


Riddle, on the other hand, is a question, statement, or phrase. To solve a riddle, the person is supposed to think. Through logical reasoning and thought processes, a proper solution to the riddle in question is achieved. Riddles are pretty tricky. It intentionally deceives the person having a second or hidden meaning behind it. It is also available in other languages like Paheli in Hindi to help the natives.

Riddles are verbal phrases that you solve in comparison to puzzles. It requires spoken words to answer the tricky question. A brain teaser is an example of a puzzle. However, if it is not in the form of a game and toy, the spoken teaser is accounted as a riddle.

Example Riddles for you to solve with answers

What is something that can only be used once broken?

Answer; An egg

Which month of the year consists of 28 days?

Answer; All the months.

Which object can hold water despite having numerous holes?

Answer; A sponge

What can never get down but always goes up?

Answer; Your Age

Walking into a place with a kerosene lamp, match, fireplace, and a candle, you have to light something first. What will it be?

Answer; The match

What has no leaves, trunk, or leaves but still has branches?

Answer; A bank

The parents of John have four sons. Three of them are named Emma, Sara, and Ken. What is the fourth son’s name?

Answer; John is the fourth son.

It can follow you all the time and everywhere. It can copy each movement you make but cannot come in contact with you. What is it?

Answer; A shadow

I’m the lightest thing around. Despite my weight, even the strongest person cannot hold me for long enough. What am I?

Answer; Your breath

What is in the middle of Austria?

Answer; The letter ‘s.’

What keeps you dry but gets wet itself?

Answer; A towel

What has 1 foot but four legs?

Answer; Abed






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