Natural Pools in Mexico

White sand beaches, an immense jungle, delicious cuisine, and jaw-dropping turquoise-water natural pools await you in Mexico. The last point is definitely better to take advantage of since Mother Nature has shown all her power here. Rest assured that local natural pools’ breathtaking nature will captivate you and replenish your lifetime memories. So if you plan a Mexico vacation, a cenote should be one of the must-visit destinations. We have prepared an ultimate guide on a natural pool trip to facilitate your life. Let us overview everything in detail.

What Is a Natural Pool?

It is also known as a cenote – bodies of water with natural purification systems, namely plants, that aid in oxygenating water. In practice, they are areas where you can safely enjoy the ocean without facing open sea currents.

Types of Cenotes

Typically, you may come across two cenote kinds in Mexico:

  • Completely open. They represent a postcard-like landscape formed by the vegetation of branches and lianes. Plus, they are easily accessible.

  • Closed. Although it is challenging to access through tiny, wet stairs dug into the stone, their sceneries are breath-catching. Due to the beam of light coming from the small rock cracks onto the subterranean freshwater, you will have a mysterious vibe as soon as you enter.

Where to Look for the Best Cenotes in Mexico

The giant Mexico cell of cenotes is the Yucatan peninsula. You may find them literally at every turn. Interestingly, all these natural pools are joined together, extending for hundred kilometers. Another gorgeous water spot is Tulum. So heading there, you will kill two birds with one stone – visit marvelous cenotes and explore the best-known Mexico tourist town.

The Hottest Cenotes List

  1. Dos Ojos (near Tulum)

Referring to its name – two eyes, this cenote includes two pools of water: one blue and crystal-clear, while the other pitch dark and cavernous. Though both of them are suitable for swimming, the dark pool puts more attention-grabbing due to its light-free snorkeling.


What to do in Dos Ojos? Of course, to discover the rich underwater world by scuba diving. If you don’t have diving gear, no worries, you can trouble-free rent it here. Plus, the cenote is full of captivating stalactites hanging above the ceiling. So be sure to take a torch with you to enjoy such a natural phenomenon.


When you are claustrophobic-prone, limit yourself to swimming in the first illuminated pool. Tourists can also take a stunning photoshoot owing to the perfect lighting there.

  1. Azul (near Tulum)

The immediate association that comes to mind when entering Azul is an old theme park. Being smaller and more tranquil than the rest of Mexico’s cenotes makes it one of the tops among tourists. In addition, Azul will impress you with the most diverse tropical fish, so skipping local snorkeling or diving is just a sin.


For those who like the extreme, there is a mini cliff that you may jump off and get unforgettable feelings. Besides, a cenote has a path to stroll along, so it is possible to luxuriate from the surrounding beauty from all angles.

  1. Ik Kil (Yucatan peninsula)

Since it is located en route to the Chichen Itza ruins, this cenote experiences tourist flow all the time. Still, its flawless beauty is entirely worth sacrificing solitude. Dining at a fancy restaurant is more than real here. Moreover, you may purchase a souvenir to remember at a local gift shop. A few cenotes can boast such perks.


Well-lit limestone staircase will lead swimmers to the hanging vines and turquoise water below. But if it seems too little adventurous for you, try extreme diving. However, be cautious, as the extreme level is so high that Red Bull arranged a diving contest here several years ago.






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